Bullying in School

School is a place where many parents believe their child is safe and protected. The problem with bullying at school is that it can potentially leave a child scarred for life. Bullying includes physical abuse, emotional abuse, and verbal abuse. Bullying has also evolved and now includes cyber-bullying or online harassment.

Every school has an obligation to provide a safe environment for its students. If not, a school may face legal consequences for its failure to adequately protect a student from bullying.

Furthermore, by not adequately intervening in a bullying situation, the school has both allowed for an unsafe environment for students and impaired the student’s ability to learn.

In Ontario, Bill 13, Accepting Schools Act 2012, details the rights and responsibilities of teachers, schools, school boards, school board employees, and ministries. It includes all incidents of bullying and cyberbullying both on or off school property.

When any school chooses to ignore bullying, a parent may seek legal action to hold teachers and administrators accountable for their negligence in allowing children to suffer from bullying. The effects bullying has on children can be fatal. Many children who suffer from bullying even commit suicide due to the emotional and physical abuse attributed to bullying.

The team at JEWELL RADIMISIS JORGE LLPstrongly encourages everyone to engage in safe practices when out on the road.

If you or a loved one have been the victim of bullying, you may be entitled to receive the help you deserve. Contact us at JEWELL RADIMISIS JORGE LLPand a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

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