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We are a Toronto injury firm that has continued to advocate aggressively on behalf of accident victims for many years. In total, our team has more than three decades of experience in personal injury law. When our personal injury lawyers put their heads together, few legal strategies can match their caliber.

There are several important things you should expect from your injury lawyer:

  • A proven and consistent record of success in litigation
  • Creative counsel and personalized strategies catered to you
  • No up-front attorney fees—you don’t pay unless we win

We have a 24-hour emergency hotline for our clients’ convenience. If you have been injured in an accident or other incident, contact us immediately!

35+ Years of Legal Representation in Personal Injury

Our personal injury attorneys have the skills and working legal knowledge you desire, seasoned by more than three decades of collective experience. Our injury team has had numerous successes over the years, and this exceptional track record is one of many testaments to their abilities.

Here are just a few of our team’s accomplishments:

  • Secured the highest award obtained from a Canada jury in 1975 (Sikora v. Rioux)
  • Writing multiple conference papers while fighting for clients - and winning
  • Applying a stellar hands-on approach while also serving in a dozen organizations
  • Fluent/conversational in English, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu and Slovak

Contingency Fees Means No Up-Front Attorney Fees!

Accidents can leave individuals with serious injuries, and even more serious medical bills. If you’re unable to work and earn a wage because of an injury, you may think there’s just no chance that you’ll be able to hire an attorney and file your injury claim. With contingency fees, there’s more than a chance—it’s almost a guarantee.

At Jewell Radimisis Jorge LL.P., our injury lawyers provide their exceptional legal services to clients without charging attorney fees up-front. If we don’t recover compensation for our clients, they don’t owe us a dime! We’re able to do this because when we take on a case, we’re confident that our clients will receive the favorable outcome they deserve.

Free Initial Consultations – Call 416-917-2597

It shouldn’t be a costly procedure just to have your accident situation assessed by a legal professional. We offer free initial consultations for accident victims to discuss their situation with our personal injury attorney in Toronto. When you get the chance to explore your legal options and your opportunity to file an injury claim, you are already on the path to recovery. Get started with a team of proven injury lawyers by your side and let us help you protect your entitlements and your future!

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