Halloween and Road Safety

Halloween is a fun and exciting time for adults and children alike. Given the large volume of pedestrian traffic on Halloween night, it is important to be extra mindful of road safety. By exercising a few simple safety tips, we can easily lower the risk of auto collisions and keep our children and our streets safe on this trickiest night of the year!

Halloween Safety Tips for Parents:

  • Pedestrian Safety – Discuss road safety with your children and review the proper way of crossing streets with them prior to going out on Halloween night. Make sure they know to always stop at the curb and look to their left and right before crossing the street.
  • Defensive Awareness – Remind children that sometimes adults make mistakes and that they may mistakenly drive through a stop sign or fail to follow other traffic signals. Ask your children to stay alert and be cautious of cars regardless of the presence of traffic signs or lack thereof.
  • Sidewalk Safety – Remind children that they should only walk on sidewalks; roads are for cars and bikes only.
  • Adult Protection – Ask younger children to hold an adult’s hand at all times.
  • Spacial Awareness – Together with the help of your children draw up a map of where you will go trick-or-treating. Try to limit trick-or-treating to familiar neighborhoods. Make sure your children are comfortable using this map and that they are familiar with the area the map covers. Pick streets and roads that have side-walks and are well lit. Leave an emergency contact number on the map before handing it to your children so that they may contact you if they get lost or encounter something suspicious.

Halloween Safety Tips for Drivers:

  • Obey speed limits – Drive slowly in residential areas; be extra mindful of traffic signals and road signs. Come to a complete stop at stop signs and give children the time they need to cross the street.
  • Pay Attention – Watch the road and stay alert. Reduce any distractions but putting away your cellphone and turning down your music. Watch out for children who may walk out onto the streets suddenly.
  • Turn on Your Headlights – Have your headlights on as soon as the sun begins to set. Many Halloween costumes come in dark colors, making it hard for you to identify pedestrians from a distance; having your lights on will make it easier for you to see them.
  • Watch for Children – When you are exiting or entering a private driveway, be cautious of children walking on the side-walk. Give children time to walk out of your way.

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