18,000 TTC Crashes Since 2009

At least 5,000 of the nearly 18,000 auto collisions were deemed preventable by TTC investigators.

Nearly 18, 000 TTC vehicle collisions have occurred since 2009 to 2013 according to the Toronto Star newspaper release dated, July 04, 2014.

One has to wonder why these numbers are so incredibly high in such a short span of time. Does this have to do with the gridlock system? Are the driver's receiving adequate training?

Staff reporter Eric Andrew-Gee, for The Star reports that 181 TTC drivers have been involved in several accidents ranging in the double-digit numbers. In addition, one TTC driver reportedly has been in 30 collisions in the last 5 years, 27 of which were non-preventable.

The TTC was also found at fault for only a staggering 2 out of 127 streetcar collision's and 7 out of 154 streetcar and pedestrian collisions.

It seems alarming that the majority of the cases involving buses, streetcars, vehicles, and especially cyclists and pedestrians are classified at a high rate as non-preventable collisions. What regarding TTC operators are being taken under advisement by the TTC?

Could a contributing factor be attributable to the alarming increase of driver's (TTC driver's included) and pedestrians taking greater risks with their lives and others by texting while driving or while crossing the street? Or is it the vast amount of road construction making it difficult to navigate the streets of Toronto?

At the current TTC collision rate, unraveling the underlying causes of these collisions is crucial to ensuring the safety of the streets of Toronto.

By Fiona Babb

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