How You Can Prevent Liability for Your Dog's Aggressive Behavior

Many people consider their dog to be part of their family, but could that friend’s aggressive behavior be putting you at risk? Canada’s laws and regulations regarding dog bite liability state that if a dog owner doesn’t take preventative action to stop their dog from attacking someone else they can be held responsible. If you are the owner of an aggressive dog, our dog bite attorneys at JEWELL RADIMISIS JORGE LLPhave compiled some ways you can better protect yourself against a lawsuit in the event of a bite.

Precautions Dog Owners Can Take to Protect Themselves

When trying to prevent a dog from attacking, you should also attempt to prevent the dog from behaving in a manner that poses a menaces to the safety of others. Give significant warning about your dog’s aggressive behavior and remaining in control of your dog can help prevent attacks and dangerous behavior.

An owner can demonstrate preventative action by:

  • Confining a dog to your property
  • Using a leash to restrain your dog
  • Restraining your dog by means of a muzzle
  • Posting visible warning signs around your property
  • Keeping your dog away from strangers and visitors
  • Never leaving your dog alone or unsupervised, especially around children
  • Avoiding games that encourage aggressive tendencies, like tug of war
  • Getting your dog spayed and neutered

Taking steps to prevent a dog bite from occurring can prevent a lawsuit against you and potential legal actions against your dog. The more bases you cover, the more likely the judge will agree with you in the event that your dog actually does attack someone.

Avoid Being Attacked with These Same Tips

If another owner’s dog attacks you without any preventative actions in place, you could file a dog bite lawsuit against the owner. Understanding preventative action within a dog bite incident can help you determine whether the owner could be considered liable for the attack.

Contact our Toronto dog bite attorneys at JEWELL RADIMISIS JORGE LLPif you have more questions about dog bite liability.