Fatal Motorcycle Collision on Burlington Skyway

Car in front of a crashed motorcycle

A fatal motorcycle collision occurred just before 6 a.m. on September 29, 2017, on the Toronto-bound lanes of the QEW at the Burlington Skyway. The collision involved two cars, a minivan, a pick-up truck, and a motorcycle.

It is reported that contact occurred between one of the vehicles and the motorcycle as traffic was slowing down. The collision escalated into a multi-vehicle chain reaction event where the motorcyclist was struck significantly.

The fatal collision resulted in the death of a 51 year-old female motorcyclist.

According to the Ontario Provincial Police, motorcycle fatalities have reached a 10-year high in Ontario. There have been 37 fatal motorcycle collisions on Ontario highways this year, a number which has already surpassed last year's total of 36. It has been the worst year for fatal motorcycle collisions in the past decade.

We remind road users to watch out for and allow room for motorcyclists. The safety of motorcycle riders depends on the care taken by other drivers to monitor for these smaller vehicles, particularly at intersections and on highways.

The Canada Safety Council has published the following tips that will help keep riders safe:

  1. Take professional rider training. There is no substitute for a skilled rider with a proper safety attitude.
  2. Wear an approved, properly fastened helmet at all times.
  3. Wear highly visible clothing (especially at night) and make sure that your headlight is functioning properly. Always wear protective clothing and protective gear.
  4. Communicate with drivers in other vehicles by using proper signals, lane positions and brake lights. Try to establish eye contact with the other drivers whenever possible.
  5. Keep a good distance between vehicles when following.
  6. Scan your course of travel 12 to 15 seconds ahead so you can identify and avoid potential hazards. Predict what you might do if a dangerous situation presents itself. This gives you time to mentally prepare a safe outcome. You can also practice evasive maneuvers under supervision in secluded areas, to develop instinctive reactions.
  7. Remain alert, pace yourself and limit the distance you ride in one trip.
  8. Limit the distance of your trip. A distance of 300 to 500 km/day will let you enjoy the trip and stop for much needed breaks.

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