Travel Insurance

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Travel insurance can be purchased to cover medical emergencies while out of the province or out of Canada. This will allow you to travel worry-free without the risk of exuberant out-of-pocket expenses for medical injury and illness.

Depending on your insurance coverage, your travel insurance may cover the cost of doctor’s visits, cost of surgery, cost of hospital stays, prescriptions, and emergency evacuations. Travel insurance could also cover the costs for your travel companions and any extra cancellations or re-scheduling costs.

It is important to remember that OHIP may not fully cover the costs of medical injury outside of Ontario.

When purchasing travel insurance, it is important to pay attention to the fine print.

If you suffer an injury or illness while on vacation, contact your insurance provider as soon as possible. It is important to file a claim to seek reimbursement for the expenses paid out of pocket and to get continued treatment. Remember to save copies of your medical and non-medical reports and invoices to assist the insurance provider to assess the claim and your damages.

If there have been expenses incurred because of COVID, ensure your travel insurance compensates for this as most insurance companies do not and contain a specific exclusion for COVID.

If you or a loved one has suffered a vacation injury or illness and are denied coverage by your travel insurance provider, contact us at JEWELL RADIMISIS JORGE LLP for a free consultation.
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