The Law on Schoolyard Bullying in Ontario


Bullying in schools is a major concern for many parents. Children are sent to school to get an education and are expected to be safe in the school’s care. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of parents, students still get bullied through both physical and psychological means.

Getting shoved, pushed, punched, or physically hit in anyway can have serious physical and mental consequences on a vulnerable student. Similarly, constant name calling, and verbal abuse also should not be underestimated as it can lead to psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression, and others. Sometimes the bullying can get so bad that it can result in a trip to the doctor’s office, or even the emergency room.

School boards are responsible for creating a safe environment for students and are also responsible for preventing bullying within individual schools in their jurisdiction. Ultimately, a school board is responsible for the neglect of a teacher that fails to prevent bullying.

Principals of individual schools also share some legal responsibility for dealing with bullying, including mandatory suspension of bullies where the bully has previously been suspended for engaging in bullying, and the bully’s continuing presence in the school creates an unacceptable risk to the safety other persons.

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