School Safety Tips

kids walking out of a school bus to school

School has been back in session. In the past couple of months, children all over Ontario have officially transitioned from virtual learning to being back in school for in-person learning. After almost three years of students attending school virtually, there are some key safety tips students should keep in mind with their return to school commutes.

Walking to School

For those students that walk to and from school, please keep the following safety tips in mind:

  • Always look both ways before you cross the road. Making eye contact with the drivers is a great way to ensure the driver sees you and is aware of your presence.
  • Only cross the street at designated crossroads.
  • At crossroads with crossing guards, children are encouraged to follow the guidance of their crossing guard, but still look both ways before crossing the street.
  • Always walk on the sidewalk and steer away from unmarked and unsafe pathways or alleyways.
  • Do not stop to talk to strangers or any persons you are not familiar with.
  • Stay alert and avoid distracted walking, such as walking while using your mobile devices.

Riding the Bus to School

If you take the bus to and from school, please remember the following safety tips:

  • At the bus stop, always stand 6 feet away from the curb, while waiting for the bus.
  • Always remain seated in your seat. Do not stand up and always keep your head, arms, and legs inside the bus at all times.
  • It is important to never walk behind or in front of a bus.
  • Do not distract the driver or throw things in the bus.

Driving to School

If you drive to school, please keep the below safety tips in mind:

  • Remember to slow down in school zones and always obey the posted speed limits.
  • Never text while driving.
  • Never pass a bus that is loading or unloading children.
  • Always be alert and look out for the children getting on and off the busses, walking on the sidewalk, or running around in the parking lot.

To Parents

It is very important that you teach your children the safest way to go to and from school. We recommend walking with your child several times, to ensure that they are comfortable with their route to and from school, and to ensure that they are confident and cognizant of any potential dangers.

The beginning of the school year entails more children will be walking, biking, driving, and playing around on their way to school. We all have a responsibility to look out for the safety of these children. Whether it is providing students with the tools and knowledge they need for their safety or taking extra caution in school zones.

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