Prioritizing Safety this Festive Season: A Host's Responsibility Against Drunk Driving

Drinking wine

At JEWELL RADIMISIS JORGE LL.P, we echo the spirit of joy and celebration during the holidays while emphasizing the paramount importance of safety.

In Canada, the concern over impaired driving persists, leading to numerous tragic outcomes despite strict laws. As hosts, recognizing potential liabilities, such as foreseeability and proximity, presents the need to monitor guests' behaviors and take reasonable precautions. Did you know that even if the person leaves your home intoxicated, goes to another place, leaves that place and gets into an accident, you as a social host are still liable even though the intoxicated guest left your home and went elsewhere?

Being a responsible social host is extremely important. Here are few tips to ensure a secure and safe environment:

  • Monitor alcohol intake and guest behavior closely:
    • Invite trusted guests and avoid self-service of alcohol.
    • Provide non-alcoholic options and halt alcohol service before guests plan to depart.
    • Take proactive steps to prevent drunk driving incidents.
  • Collect keys upon arrival and support designated drivers:
    • Offer accommodations or safe transportation for intoxicated guests.
    • Encourage the use of ride-sharing services for a safe return.
    • Stay vigilant and report suspected drunk driving immediately to authorities.

At JEWELL RADIMISIS JORGE LL.P, our advocacy extends beyond legalities. We emphasize safety and responsibility during celebrations. Understanding social host liability and taking proactive measures significantly diminish the risks associated with impaired driving. Let's unite in celebrating responsibly and ensuring everyone reaches home safely this holiday season!

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