How a Dashcam Can Affect Your Car Accident Case

A person driving with a dashcam in their vehicle

Dashcams have become an increasingly popular accessory for drivers in Ontario. They provide valuable evidence in the event of an accident, making it easier to determine who is at fault and proving damages. However, while they offer several advantages, there are also potential disadvantages to using dashcams.

Advantages of Dashcams

One of the most significant benefits of dashcams is that they provide objective evidence of what happened in the event of an accident. This footage can be particularly valuable when the parties involved have differing accounts of the accident. The footage can show the speed and movement of each vehicle, the position of the drivers, and the circumstances leading up to the accident.

Another advantage of dashcams is that they can help prove damages in an accident case. The footage can show the impact of the collision, the extent of the damage to the vehicles, and the injuries suffered by the drivers, passengers, pedestrians, or cyclists. This can be particularly valuable in cases where the severity of the accident is in dispute.

Disadvantages of Dashcams

While dashcams can be helpful in providing evidence in car accident cases, they can also produce evidence that may be disadvantageous in a lawsuit. Here are some ways that dashcam footage can potentially hurt a car accident victim's case:

  1. Dashcam footage can show the car accident victim's own negligence: For example, if the driver was distracted by their phone, making an improper turn, or was speeding, or if the cyclist or pedestrian was crossing when they were not supposed to, such as on a red traffic light, the dashcam footage may capture this and show that they contributed to the accident. This can significantly weaken the car accident victim's case and reduce their chances of recovering damages.
  2. Dashcam footage can undermine credibility: If someone’s testimony about the accident contradicts the dashcam footage, it can raise questions about their credibility. This can make it more difficult for the party to persuade the jury or judge that they were not at fault for the accident.

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It is important for those involved in car accidents to be aware of this and to ensure that they are taking all reasonable steps to ensure they are careful and safe when driving or crossing the street and ensure they have the right of way.

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