Has a Product You Purchased Malfunctioned and Caused You Injuries? This Is What You Do Next

Product Malfunction

So, what should you do if you suffer a injury as a result of product negligence or a product malfunction? No matter how you feel about your injuries, make sure that you do the following immediately after:

  • Take a picture of the product and all its relevant pieces.
  • Take a picture of the clothing impacted by the malfunction.
  • Keep the clothing impacted by the malfunction and do not tamper with it.
  • Take a picture of your injuries.
  • Keep your receipt(s) of purchase.
  • Ask for help from people who witnessed the incident and get their contact information.
  • Call your friends/family to pick you up and send you to the nearest hospital or your family doctor or call an ambulance.

Continue to monitor your injuries and take photos of the progress or worsening of your injuries.

Reach out to the company or establishment in which you purchased the product and report the incident. Keep a record of all communication!

Consult a personal injury lawyer for advice.

If you or a loved one have been injured, you may be entitled to receive the help you deserve. Contact us at JEWELL RADIMISIS JORGE LL.P and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

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