Tips for Driving during the Winter

It's officially December, a time for indulging in delicious holiday meals and spending quality time with family and friends. Days get shorter and colder and nights...whiter. More snow on the roads also means it is more important to drive safely. Unfortunately, an Annual Safe Driving Study released recently, has revealed that December is the worst month for collisions on Canadian roads, with the highest numbers of collisions occurring during the three days that precede Christmas Eve, December 21, 22, and 23.

Luckily, this also includes some tips for keeping our roads safe this Holiday Season:

  1. Install winter tires.
  2. Clear all ice and snow from your vehicle before driving.
  3. Slow down and leave extra space between vehicles.
  4. Keep a winter safety kit in your vehicle in case of emergencies.

Transport Canada has also included some useful tips on its website that will prove useful:

  1. Learn and practice winter driving techniques before you need them.
  2. Plan your trip and check road and weather conditions.
  3. Give yourself extra travel time in bad weather.
  4. Avoid using overdrive and cruise control in bad weather.
  5. Travel with a fully charged cell phone.

Using these safety tips can help prevent an auto accident in Toronto. Contact JEWELL RADIMISIS JORGE LLPfor legal help.

May you have a safe and Happy Holiday!

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