How to Create Healthy Workplaces

Unfortunately, WorkSmart Ontario reports that over 10,000 workers under the age of 25 are injured on the job to the extent that they cannot return to work every year. Furthermore, "almost as many young workers file claims because they've suffered an injury that allowed them to keep working, but required first aid treatment." As healthy workplaces and safer workplaces go hand in hand, the importance of increasing awareness of workplace health is undeniable.

Fortunately, October is Canada's Healthy Workplace Month (CHWM), which means workplaces all over Ontario will be promoting various health and safety initiatives for their employees. These programs will be in furtherance of a collective goal of increasing awareness of the importance of workplace health and increasing the number of healthy workplaces in Canada. According to Canada's Healthy Workplace Month ® (CHWM) is all about getting people to do things that will improve their lives at work and make improvement a healthy habit!" Each week focuses on different aspects of a healthy workplace. During week 1, the focus is on being well, week 2, feeling well, week 3, eating well, and last but not least, week 4, connecting well.

Although workplace injuries are clearly preventable, accidents do happen. Thankfully, Ontario's Workplace Safety and Insurance Act is in place to protect workers who are injured on the job from the financial hardship that may ensue while they are off work. If workers aren't covered under WSIB, there is always an option to litigate against the at fault party.

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