Bike Lanes in Downtown Toronto

Last month, the Toronto Sun and the National Post both reported that the City of Toronto would soon install flexi-posts on Richmond-Adelaide's brand new bike lanes. These safety apparatuses would work to physically separate cyclists from motor vehicles and will hopefully lead to safer roads, fewer auto collisions, and most importantly, fewer serious injuries and fatalities. According to reports, the plan is to first install the flexi-posts along Simcoe Street "to address perceived problem areas" and "hotspots" where it is typical for drivers to illegally enter bike lanes with their motor vehicles.

Various interest groups around Toronto have been applauding the City's efforts to use these flexi-posts in an attempt to protect our city's cyclists and keep Toronto's busy roads safe. Cycle Toronto, an advocacy organization that works to make Toronto a "cycle-friendly city," is one of those groups. As four cyclists fatalities occurred in Toronto in 2013, an unfortunate increase in the death count from previous years, efforts at increasing the safety of Ontario roads for all who use them – including cyclists- should be applauded and encouraged.

Because bicycle accidents do happen, cyclists can further protect themselves from permanent injury or death by the proper use of bicycle helmets, which work to absorb the force of impact during a crash. It is important to find a helmet that fits correctly on one's head and that has been approved by a Canadian safety standard association with regards to its design and manufacturing.

Read more about the new flexi-posts on the Toronto Sun and the National Post on "Richmond-Adelaide bike lanes to be separated with posts" and "New bike lanes will be getting separated barriers after much criticism directed at the city."

Interested in making Toronto a cycle friendly city? Visit Cycle Toronto's website or visit the website:

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