Driving Tips During Hunting Season

deer in woods

With hunting season upon us, your chances of hitting an animal are much higher during the fall and winter months. It is important to keep safe while on the road and especially be mindful of possible animal crossings.

Animals are most active during the sunrise and sunset. This is especially true during mating season, which is from October through to December. Ensure that you and your passengers are wearing seat belts at all times. This can be beneficial in the event that you have to make a sudden stop.

Be cautious to deer crossing signs. Deer are abundant in forested areas but may wander into suburban areas. It is important to be alert and observe your surroundings for any signs of wildlife while on the road. If there is no oncoming traffic, turn on your high beam headlights at night. It will help you see more clearly to spot for wildlife.

If you do happen to spot a deer, proceed with caution. Wildlife often travel in packs, so slow down and remain alert to others crossing your path. Do not swerve to avoid hitting wildlife. You put yourself at risk for a collision with another vehicle or running off the road. Stay in your lane and slow down.

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The team at JEWELL RADIMISIS JORGE LLPstrongly encourages everyone to engage in safe practices when out on the road.

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