Rollerblading in the City

If you are contemplating the use of rollerblades as a more efficient way to get around the city this summer, there are a few rules to keep in mind.

First, rollerblade users are considered pedestrians. As such they are required to use sidewalks, and not the road.

The Highway Traffic Act prohibits the use of roller skates/ blades and in-line skates on roadways. The City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 950, Traffic and Parking, prohibits the use of roller skates, in-line skates, and similar devices on the roadway and on streets where there are sidewalks, except for the purpose of crossing the road. When crossing the road, people using these skates are subject to the same rights and obligations as a pedestrian.

Moreover, bicycle lanes are designated for bicycles only, so in-line skating/ roller blading is not permitted in these designated lanes.

Also, while in a park, no person shall operate or utilize roller blades, linear skates, or similar conveyances where posted to prohibit or otherwise restrict the use of the conveyance, or obstruct, inconvenience, or endanger other users of the park while operating or utilizing roller blades, or similar conveyance.

The team at JEWELL RADIMISIS JORGE LLPĀ strongly encourages everyone to engage in safe practices when rollerblading.

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