Are Your Children Playing With Safe Toys?

Toys, baby accessories, and kid furniture are found in every household with a child, and even in most grandparents’ homes. We assume that everything that is geared towards those most precious little people are tested again and again to assure their safety. Yet, this is not always the case.

In the U.S., for example, Fisher Price, a well-known and trusted brand, recalled almost 5 million Rock’n’Play Sleepers (a reclined bassinet) due to over 30 infant deaths in the decade that it was on store shelves. Shockingly, Fisher Price consulted only one family doctor during the design phase, whose expertise had been dismissed by judges in other cases. It was not until Fisher Price was involved in law suit against them that they had their product tested by pediatricians.

In Canada, children’s toys are regulated by Health Canada, but even they warn that unsafe or dangerous toys can make it onto store shelves. Choking, strangulation, and suffocation are still the leading causes of unintentional injury deaths in Canada for infants and toddlers. Items like balloons, magnets, toys with batteries, trampolines, and ride-on toys all pose serious risk of harm to children.

So what can you do to reduce the risk of injury and harm to your children? Check on the Health Canada website for any toy, accessory, or furniture recalls, read the warning labels on all products you use for your children, repair or replace broken items, and be aware of any choking hazards like long strings or detachable parts on toys.

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