Halloween Safety Tips


Halloween is one of the most fun nights of the year for children. Keeping a few Halloween safety tips in mind, ensures that everyone arrives home safely after a successful night of trick-or-treating. Review the following safety tips to keep yourself and your community safe.

Choosing the Right Costume

  • Wear light or bright-coloured costumes to make it easier for drivers to see you.
  • Consider using make-up instead of a mask, to ensure that your vision is not restricted.
  • Bring flashlights or glow sticks to light the way.
  • If it is raining, ensure your umbrella, hood, or hat is not blocking your vision.

Halloween Safety Tips for Parents and their Kids

  • Encourage kids to trick or treat in a group.
  • Make sure kids are always paying attention to traffic when crossing the street. We encourage you to cross at crosswalks or intersections.
  • Stay on sidewalks whenever possible. If there are no sidewalks, walk facing traffic so that drivers can see you.

Halloween Safety Tips for Drivers

  • Keep a look out for people using crosswalks. Do not use your phone while operating a vehicle. Be mindful of using your GPS or any navigation system on your phone or vehicle.
  • Slow down and be extra cautious. People, particularly children may forget to look both ways before crossing the street.
  • Do not drink and drive.

Have a happy and safe Halloween from everyone at JEWELL RADIMISIS JORGE LLP.

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