The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) was established in the 1924 to provide retirement, disability, and survivor benefits. The CPP provides monthly benefits to contributors and their beneficiaries upon the contributor's retirement, disability, or death.


To qualify for CPP, you must be over the age of 60 and you must have made at least one valid contribution (payment) into the Canada Pension Plan. How much income you get depends on how much you put in and for how long you contributed into CPP.

Working Canadians over the age of 18 are required to contribute a portion of their monthly incomes to the CPP. Almost everyone who works in Canada and contributes to the CCP is eligible to apply. (Those eligible for the CPP include individuals who work in Canada, with the exception of Quebec, which has the Quebec Pension Plan).

It is important to note that CPP is a contributory plan which means that all benefits are funded by financial contributions made by employees and employers. CPP is not funded by general tax revenues. In other words, how much you get is dependent on how much you put in.

At the age of 65, you qualify for the normal retirement amount, but it is important to note that the benefit does not start automatically. You must apply for it. Service Canada recommends that you apply for your pension six months before you want your CPP to begin. If you want to collect CPP before the age of 65, you must also apply.

An individual can collect CPP as early as age 60 and still continue to work, as a result of changes made in 2012.

How to Apply

To apply for the Canada Pension Plan, you can complete the application online, unless you fall into one of the categories that require you to fill out a paper application and either mail it in or bring it to the Service Canada office closest to you, with various other documents, as specified by the application information.

If you do fill it out online you need to have or create a My Service Canada Account (MSCA). After you submit your application, notice of assessment will be received in the mail between 7 and 14 days.

Before applying, have your Social Insurance Number (SIN), and banking information close at hand.

If you wish to take advantage of pension sharing, provide your spouse or common-law partner's SIN as well. If you are requesting the child-rearing provision on your application, provide your children's SINs and proofs of birth.

You are also eligible to apply for CPP Disability benefits prior to the age of 60. You must prove that you are suffering from a severe and prolonged disability.

If you or a loved one needs assistance with applying for CPP Disability benefits, please do not hesitate to contact JEWELL RADIMISIS JORGE LLPWe are here to assist you.