Bike Lanes during COVID-19

Bike Lane

Cycling is a good option, to ensure there is no crowding on public transit systems across Canada, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A number of city councils have approved road closures, either partial or complete, as an emergency alternative to public transit. Clearly marked bicycle lanes are being created for people to travel safely. Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa, Kitchener, Montreal, Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Moncton have all recently extended their cycling networks, according to Vélo Canada Bikes, a national advocacy group for cycling.

The City of Toronto’s ActiveTO initiative is making sure people have space to get around while respecting physical distancing. The ActiveTO expanded cycling network aims to allow people on bikes to move around Toronto safely, to better connect those on bikes to the places they need to go, and to mirror major transit routes.

Approximately 25 kilometers of new bikeways are being installed in Toronto, for a total of approximately 40 kilometers of on-street cycling lanes approved for accelerated installation in 2020. Bikeway installations are being adjusted based on considerations such as changing traffic volumes, and the evolving needs of residents and businesses in the wake of

the pandemic.

A similar initiative by the City of Mississauga has been implemented. The City of Mississauga has introduced more short-term and long-term active transportation options for cyclists and pedestrians that allow for safe physical distancing.

Approximately, 17.9 km of new separated and on-road bike lanes will be installed by the end of the year in the City of Mississauga. During this pandemic, the City of Mississauga has seen cycling increase by as much as 60 per cent.

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