What are Lay Witnesses and How Do They Help Your Personal Injury Claim?

person taking photo on their phone of a wrecked car after an accident

More often than not, accidents involving personal injuries have a significant and traumatic impact on your life. In order to prove your personal injury case, you have to provide evidence as to how your life has changed as a result of the accident. In order to do so, you will have to describe what your life was like before the accident and how it has changed as a result of your injuries.

To assist you in making your case, supporting witnesses can also give evidence. These are referred to as “lay witnesses” and they consist of friends, family, as well as co-workers. These lay witnesses can testify as to what your life was like prior to the accident and the changes they have noticed since.

A parent or child that lived with you prior to the accident and continues to live with you afterward, can provide very important objective evidence as to how the accident has affected you. When an income loss or loss of competitive advantage claim is being made, a co-worker, supervisor, and/or manager can provide evidence as to your productivity prior to the accident and its decline afterward. This evidence will strengthen your case significantly. Furthermore, if and when your case goes to trial before a jury, lay witness evidence can be very relatable and in turn, influence the outcome of your case.

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