The Impact of Age on LTD Claims

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The age of a claimant can have a significant impact on their Long-Term Disability (LTD) claim. Under most group insurance policies, LTD benefits are payable to the age of 65. This can have an affect on the calculation of benefits that they are entitled to. If a claimant is closer to the age of 65, it is likely that they will receive a smaller lump sum settlement than a younger claimant (depending on the wording of the policy and the role). A benefit of an older claimant making a claim is that the insurer is more likely to pay out the rest of the claim when it comes to settlement negotiations.

For example, if a 30-year-old makes a claim for LTD, an insurer might only be willing to pay a few years into the future. This is because this younger claimant has a better chance of being able to return to work one day. If a 60-year-old were to make an LTD claim, the insurer might be willing to pay off the rest of the policy (to age 65 in most cases), if the person has a strong case, as they have a less likely chance of ever returning to work. The insurer might also pay off this policy in order to avoid paying lawyer’s fees and administration of the claim.

The age of a claimant can also impact their potential for rehabilitation or return to work programs. Insurer’s often attempt to have claimants return to work in some capacity. Older claimants may have more difficulty in learning new technologies or transitioning into new roles. As opposed to younger claimants who may have more opportunities and time for retraining.

Whether you’re an older or younger LTD claimant, understanding the role of age in LTD claims is imperative. An experienced personal injury lawyer will consider your age as a factor in determining the value of your case.

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