The Role of Independent Medical Examinations in Personal Injury Cases

Medical Examination

Independent Medical Examinations (IME’s) play a crucial role in personal injury cases. An IME is medical evaluation conducted by a neutral medical professional who assesses an individual’s injuries, impairments, diagnoses, and prognosis. IME’s are often arranged by your personal injury lawyer who will help prepare you for the IME. On the other hand, an IME can also be arranged by the insurance company, which your lawyer will help prepare you for as well.

After an IME, a report from the medical professional will follow. In this report, the assessor will provide their opinion on the extent of an individual’s injuries, whether they be physical or psychological. There are different medical assessors for different specialities that provide their opinion on the overall functioning of the individual with respect to their certain speciality.

An IME can help verify the legitimacy of an individual’s claim. A lawyer will review the IME to help evaluate a case. It can help the lawyer influence their strategy going forward and influence settlement negotiations with the other parties involved. IME’s can also be relied upon as evidence in court proceedings along with testimony from the expert who drafted the IME. This can help sway both judges and juries.

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