Accident Benefits Claims in Toronto

Our Toronto Auto Accident Attorneys Can Help You File

Auto accidents can result in serious damage and injury. Many individuals suffer from medical complications, forcing them to take time away from work or family. With an average of 12,000 auto accidents occurring every year in Toronto, it is likely that you or someone you know will be involved in a serious accident. When this happens, it is crucial that you enlist legal representation right away.

The automobile policies in Ontario include statutory accident benefits that cover individuals involved in auto accidents. Even still, it can be very difficult to navigate the complexities of making an accident benefits claim. Jewell Radimisis Jorge LL.P. boasts over 35 years of combined legal experience, equipping us with the knowledge needed to handle all types of auto accident claims. We know how challenging this time can be-especially with physical injuries and ailments-which is why we are here to assist you. When you enlist our legal services, you can rest assured knowing we will provide compassionate and caring support every step of the way. Our goal is to help you obtain the compensation you need to enjoy a smooth recovery.

Securing Accident Benefits

The Ontario Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund was created to support individuals involved in serious auto accidents. Though it is meant to compensate accident victims and supply them with benefits, it is often very difficult to secure. Our Toronto auto accident lawyers are here to obtain the compensation our clients deserve after their accident. We make it our priority to help our clients receive the following:

  • Medical & Rehab Costs
  • Lost Income or Wages
  • Visitation Expenses
  • Family or Attendant Care Benefits

Other benefits may include housekeeping benefits, non-earner benefits, lost education expenses, home maintenance benefits, and clothing benefits. Our firm is not only in good standing with the personal injury bar, but also holds a good reputation amongst the insurance community. When you retain the services of our Toronto auto accident lawyers, we will make sure you receive the benefits you deserve for your injuries and damages. Let our firm take the stress and confusion off your shoulders! Contact us to set up your free consultation with our legal team.

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